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User Homepages at Illuminati Online

This is a current listing of all user homepages hosted at Illuminati Online (in alphabetical order by username). To send e-mail, you will have to manually remove "-NOSPAM" from the addresses (Yes, we do not like SPAM!)

To get your homepage listed here, all you need is a homepage in your public-web directory named index.html, index.htm, index.cgi, index.shtml, index.php, or index.php3 .

Information about how to create webpages on our system can be found on the Web Helpdesk pages at You can also create your own webpage online using IO's Homebuilder program at

Information used on these lists is publicly available information. You may edit the 'Name' listed here by changing your "finger information" at If you do not wishto be listed in these pages, 'touch .noweblist' in your public-web directory (or just create a file named .noweblist in that directory).

As of Monday, 25-Sep-2000 01:17:21 CDT, As of , 1962 users have publicly listed homepages. users have publicly listed homepages.

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