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Dec. 27, 1999

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Illuminati Online - T-1 Access

Full T-1 (1.544 Mb)$975/Month
1/2 T-1$535/Month
1/4 T-1$280/Month
Setup Fee$1000
Minimum One Year Contract

For those customers requiring higher speed connectivity than LAN ISDN offers, Illuminati Online offers a number of T-1 solutions. A T-1 is a high speed, dedicated connection capable of transmission speeds up to 1.544Mbps. A T-1 line is made up of 24 channels each capable of 64Kbps throughput (making it significantly faster than an ISDN connection). When all 24 of these channels are dedicated to one customer it is referred to a point-to-point T-1. However, if a customer doesn't require a full 1.544 megabit connection, they may opt for portion of a T-1 (for example, a 10 channel, 640K connection) This is commonly known as a fractional T-1.

All of our T-1 services include the following:

  • Dedicated T-1 Access to the Internet at 386Kbps (1/4 T-1), 772Kbps (1/2 T-1), or 1.544Mbps (Full T-1) (Price dependent)
  • The ability to host your own services (such as an Email, FTP or Web server)
  • Optional Domain Name Services
  • Access to over 60,000 Usenet News Groups
  • 24 Hour, Live Technical Support

(Because a T-1 line requires a special, dedicated circuit from the phone company there is an additional monthly fee known as local loop. If you would like this fee to be included in your monthly T-1 bill, ask your Illuminati Online salesperson to include the local loop fee.)

Additional Information:

By law, all T-1s require that a CSU be connected between your DTE (Data Terminal Equipment) and the T-1 line. A CSU, or Channel Service Unit serves both as a surge protector (to protect your equipment from voltage anomalies such as lightning) as well as a monitor of the line itself.

A DSU/CSU is used to connect Non Data Terminal Equipment to a T-1 line. If your DTE doesn't provide a "T-1 Out" for a CSU, then a DSU/CSU will be required. Many of these devices include sophisticated performance monitoring and diagnostic capabilities.

Last revised September 12, 2000