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RealAudio Help Desk

Here's What The Most Realistic Streaming Audio On The Internet Can Do For You.

Streaming audio is digitized audio that's been compressed or encoded into a format that a server can break down into packets and then broadcast (or stream) across a network to a client player. The player then reassembles the data packets in the correct order and plays back the audio. All in real time, without frustrating download delays. Streaming audio works very much like a CD player. Once the download starts, the player buffers (or temporarily stores some of) the incoming data to provide smooth playback, then begins playing while the file continues to download.

The RealAudio System delivers the highest-quality audio, from basic speech to full symphonic music, at all bandwidths on the Internet. And it was the first system to deliver stereo sound at 28.8 kbps, as well as near-CD quality at ISDN and LAN connection speeds. This - combined with reliable transmission of data, the ability to scale streams to thousands of users, and multiple delivery options including UDP, TCP and HTTP - is why the RealAudio System is the market leader in audio on the Internet today. Superior technology. That's why more than 15 million copies of RealAudio have been distributed worldwide, with tens of thousands of new downloads every day.

The RealAudio System: A Complete Software Solution

The RealAudio System employs a client/server architecture and is made up of three basic components that support the Windows, Macintosh and UNIX operating systems:

  • RealAudio Encoder compresses source audio into the RealAudio format for use with the RealAudio System. The Encoder allows you to specify title, author and copyright information. It also allows you to offer users the ability to record your content.
  • RealAudio Server works with a Web server to stream encoded audio and multimedia programming over the Internet and TCP/IP networks to users of RealAudio Player.
  • RealAudio Player is client software that lets users with mutilmedia computers and Internet connections play live and on-demand RealAudio programming from Web sites. RealAudio Player works as both a stand-alone program and a helper application for Web browsers, and is distributed free of charge. RealAudio Player Plus is an enhanced version of RealAudio Player with advanced features such as preset buttons that take you directly to your favorite news, music and sports; a scanning feature that searches the Web for RealAudio encoded content; and Selective Record that lets you save and replay audio content designated as recordable by content providers.

With RealAudio Server, You can reach an audience of millions worldwide

  • Live and on-demand programming: Users of RealAudio Player with 14.4 kbps modems or faster Internet connections can listen to real-time, live and on-demand audio programs from your Web site.
  • Synchronized Multimedia: Create multimedia programming by embedding URL instructions in a RealAudio clip, which synchronizes Web pages containing pictures or presentation slides with the audio.

Deliver the highest-quality audio

  • DolbyNet audio compression: Using Dolby Labs AC3 compression, the RealAudio System delivers the first stereo sound over 28.8 modems and scales to near-CD quality sound at ISDN and LAN data rates.
  • Multiple compression options: Select from a range of codes (compression/decompression algorithms) that have been optimized to meet your needs for compressing a variety of audio formats, including voice, typical pop music, and full instrumental music.

Count on reliable transmission

  • Robust UDP (User Datagram Protocol) transmission: In the Internet environment some data packets are bound to get lost during transmission. Robust UDP detects and compensates for lost packets, maintaining smooth, continuous audio.

Be a better live broadcaster

  • Live Splitting: Splitter technology enables you to connect to RealAudio Servers together in a tree topology across the Internet, so you can scale broadcast to thousands of listeners while minimizing bandwidth congestion.
  • IP Multicasting: Support for IP Multicasting means that all users on a local network can listen to a single live signal, making efficient use of network resources.
  • Clustering: Multiple RealAudio Servers can be configured in a cluster to work as a single machine, exceeding the connection load of a single CPU. Clustering supports automatic distribution of a live audio stream to all cluster members based on their loads.
  • Bandwidth negotiation: During live broadcasts, RealAudio Server ensures that all users automatically get the appropriate encoded content for the best audio quality at their available bandwidth, from 14.4 kbps modems to dual ISDN connections. It's also valuable for on-demand use, too.
  • Continuous live: RealAudio Server can receive simulated live audio from a file and live audio from a file and live audio from RealAudio Encoder or from another RealAudio Server. No temporary file is needed, and automatic file archiving is available.

Rely on strong administration

  • Bandwidth Control: Ensure uninterrupted operation of your Web site by limiting the maximum bandwidth devoted to RealAudio on your Internet connection.
  • Connection Control: Restrict RealAudio Server access to certain domains, IP addresses and network submasks either for security of business reasons.
  • ISP Segmentation and Dynamic Hosting: Internet service providers can dedicate RealAudio resources to specific hosting customers and provide blanket hosting for personal Web pages.
  • Improved logging: Log files include the transmission protocol RealAudio Server used and information about listening duration. E-mail error alerts warn you of important RealAudio Server events such as reading a streamcount threshhold.
  • System Manager: Remotely monitor and dynamically configure RealAudio Server with an easy-to-use graphical application.

Just imagine what you can do with realaudio

RealAudio opens up a whole new world of exciting and profitable possibilities for your Web site or intranet. No matter what your business or field of endeavor, using RealAudio makes your Web site stand out and captures visitors' attention. Once they hear what you've got to offer, they'll stay longer and return more often. And RealAudio can add impact and value to your intranet with enhanced services designated to educate, inform, support, and motivate your employees.

A RealAudio-enabled Web site or intranet can help you:

  • Generate new revenue because Internet advertising can easily reach target demographics.
  • Amplify your reach because the Internet gives you access to new listeners locally, nationally and internationally.
  • Leverage your existing content because you can provide a new channel of distribution for your audio content.
  • Profit from valuable market research as you use your Web site to collect information on your audience by monitoring listening habits in real time.
  • Keep your employees up to date on the company vision, corporate policies, new products and the latest news, including coverage of live corporate events.
  • Train your employees in all areas of their jobs, including sales, new products, help desk and human resources. RealAudio's Synchronized Mutimedia feature can help you deliver online training around the world using new materials or by adapting your existing training materials.
  • Prepare for the future of mass media as you start out now with audio broadcasting and put yourself in position to take advantage of video, animation and other media types when you're ready.

Literally thousands of companies, including ABC, AT&T, CBS, Dow Jones, MCI, Sony and Time Life, use the RealAudio System to deliver audio-based content worldwide. Every major record label uses RealAudio to broadcast music over the Internet. And organizations such as NASA and Lucent Technologies use the RealAudio System to add value to their intranets.

Here are just a few examples of the exciting and dynamic ways businesses are using the RealAudio System. There are news and commentaries on ABC RadioNet. Live sports and player interviews on ESPNET SportsZone. Market updates and economic forecasts on Dow Jones Investor Network. Speeches, press conferences and congressional hearings on FedNet. Live concerts and new music releases on L.A. Live and iMusic. And there are talk shows and all varieties of music broadcast on hundreds of traditional and Internet-only radio stations around the world.

When it comes to private intranets, Charles Schwab uses RealAudio to improve customer support service training. Brown Advertising delivers lectures online. And Hewlett Packard allows its employees to attend company events without leaving their offices.

The Internet and corporate intranets have irrevocably changed our perceptions of how information can be delivered to mass markets. What started out as text-only medium has evolved to add pictures and streaming audio. Now there are streaming video and other media types. Progressive Networks will continue to lead the way with the development of these new technologies. The only question is when will you get started?

Last revised November 9, 1999