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Illuminati Online - Dialup ISDN Service

64K Dial on Demand ISDN Access
Setup Fee$50.00
64K Dial on Demand LAN ISDN Access
Setup Fee$150.00
Yearly Payment Option$799.50
128K Dial on Demand ISDN Access
Setup Fee$50.00
128K Dial on Demand LAN ISDN Access
Setup Fee$150.00
Yearly Payment Option$999.50

Note:128k LAN Dial on Demand Access includes IP routing; we will assign you a range of up to 16 IP addresses at no charge. You must have a router that can manage TCP/IP in order to maintain this account. A regular Dial on Demand ISDN account has dynamic IP address allocation only.

For more information, send mail to

About Dial on Demand ISDN

Dialup ISDN at 64Kbps or 128Kbps is a cost-effective means of accessing the Internet at up to almost five times the speed of traditional 28.8 Dialup access. ISDN, which stands for Integrated Services Digital Network, is a fairly recent development and has only become available from the telephone companies within the past few years. With a moderately equipped PC or Macintosh, a specially installed Integrated Services Digital Network line and the appropriate hardware, a user is able to perform any Internet activity at up to four times the speed of a 33.6 modem.

Every Dial on Demand ISDN account at Illuminati Online offers the following features:

  • Unlimited Access to the Internet at 64K or 128K (Price dependent)
  • Your own E-mail Address
  • Access to over 60,000 Usenet News Groups
  • 10 Megabytes of Web Space
  • 24 Hour, Live Technical Support

NOTE: This is a Dialup Service, meaning it is not intended to provide dedicated Internet access. Please see our Appropriate Use Policy for more information about the limitations of Dialup service. If you require dedicated connectivity, refer to our Dedicated ISDN solutions.

With its low cost of entry and significant speed gains, Dialup ISDN is proving to be enormously popular with a number of different types of Internet users. Some tasks that this service is ideally suited for include bandwidth intensive processes such as the World Wide Web, FTP and Usenet, and latency sensitive processes such as Internet gaming (e.g. Quake, Doom, Diablo, Duke Nukem 3D and others) Internet phone calls and videoconferencing.

Additional Information:

ISDN wiring is physically no different that a standard copper telephone line. However, unlike plain old telephone service (POTS), which transmit analog signals, ISDN can, over these same wires, transmit multiple digital signals simultaneously.

Each ISDN line contains 2 B Channels and one D Channel. Each B, or Bearer Channel, can provide a 64 kilobit per second connection, meaning that by bonding both B Channels, a connection can be established at up to 128kbps! Contrast that with a standard phone line, which currently have a peak speed of 33.6kbps and it is easy to see why ISDN has become such a popular means of accessing the Internet.

The D, or Data channel, despite what its name seems to imply, is used to handle signaling. For example, the D channel actually does the dialing when a customer is attempting to connect to the Internet. Whereas an analog modem often can take up to 30 seconds to successfully negotiate a connection, an ISDN line often can perform this task in 5 seconds or less.

[FOOTNOTE:]It should also be noted that though each B channel is capable of handling independent Voice Calls, most people are selecting ISDN for its Data capabilities.

Last revised August 28, 2000