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Dec. 27, 1999

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Illuminati Online - IP Addresses

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Static IP addresses

Static IP addresses can be added to the following services:

  • Analog Dialup Access
  • LAN, Dedicated, or Burstable ISDN accounts
  • Collocated servers
  • T1 or other dedicated services

Single IP addresses for analog dialup access have a $25.00 setup fee. There is no setup fee for a block of 8 or more IP addresses.

A static IP assigned to your analog dialup gives your computer the very same internet address every time you connect to us. This is very handy if you have services running on your computer that you wish other people to be able to use.

For example:
Using communication packages such as Internet Phone or Microsoft Netmeeting, people around the world will be able to quickly connect to your machine and communicate with you when they already have your IP address. We will reserve an IP address just for your dialup connection and you can advertise that address to your contacts for your own use.

To request a static IP for your dialup account, please send e-mail to

If you have a need for a block of IP addresses and routing setup for your ISDN, or other non-analog connection, or for a collocated server, please send e-mail to

Last revised April 25, 2000