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Dec. 27, 1999

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Illuminati Online - Dialup Access

Unlimited PPP Access
Setup FeeNone
Unlimited- The Works PPP Access
Setup FeeNone
10 Hours per Month PPP Access
Setup FeeNone

About Dialup Connectivity

Dialup Connectivity at 28.8/33.6/56Kbps is the most common way that individuals access the Internet. Its popularity stems from the very low cost of entry. With a moderately equipped PC or Macintosh, a plain old telephone line and a modem, a user is able to access everything on the Internet. All of our access servers are V.90/56K. If you have a 56K "x2" modem you will need to upgrade it to V.90 to achieve best results.

Every Unlimited Dialup account with Illuminati Online offers the following features:

  • Direct Access to the Internet at 14.4/28.8/33.6K/V.90/56K
  • Your own E-mail Address
  • Access to over 60,000 Usenet News Groups
  • Ten Megabytes (10MB) of Disk Space for your web home page
  • 24 Hour, Live Technical Support

"The Works" account comes with:

  • Everything listed above
  • 50 MB of space
  • your own shell
  • a mailing list
  • an FTP site

The "10 hour PPP account" is designed for people who do not spend very much time online. With this account, you can connect to the Internet for 10 hours during the month. If you exceed the 10 hours, we will not disconnect you, but extra time will be billed to your account at $2.00 per hour. This account includes all the features listed for an Unlimited account, except the 10MB of Disk Space.

For Dialup 14.4/28.8/33.6/V.90/56K service, Illuminati Online utilizes the Point to Point Protocol--also known as PPP. For the duration of your modem's call, your computer becomes an actual node on the Internet, with its own IP Address. This is one of the most fundamental differences that exists between Internet Service Providers and online services such as America Online, Prodigy and Compuserve.

With a real IP Address, your computer is directly on the Internet, while customers of online services connect to an interim computer (known as a Host) that must process each and every Internet request they make. During busy periods, users of online services often experience very slow connections. This usually means the host computers are overburdened with customers. Using the PPP protocol, our customers bypasses this interim step altogether, and can always access the 'net at their modem's maximum speed.

Last revised August 28, 2000