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Dec. 27, 1999

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Illuminati Online - Dedicated ISDN Access

64K Dedicated ISDN Access
Setup Fee$150.00
128K Dedicated ISDN Access
Setup Fee$150.00

About Dedicated ISDN

For customers requiring dedicated Internet connectivity for their Local Area Networks, Illuminati Online offers a number of ISDN based solutions. Our LAN ISDN services provide a scaleable, bandwidth-on-demand solution for the cost-conscious corporate customer.

ISDN, which stands for Integrated Services Digital Network, has only recently become available from the telcos. LAN ISDN can integrated with your existing LAN service with surprising ease. With the installation of an Integrated Services Digital Network line and appropriately configured hardware and software your entire Network can have access to the Internet.

Every LAN ISDN account with Illuminati Online offers the following features:

  • Dedicated LAN access to the Internet at 64K, 128K, 256K or 512K. Contact for further pricing information.
  • The ability to host your own services (such as Email, or even a Web server)
  • Optional Domain Name Services
  • Access to over 60,000 Usenet News Groups
  • 24 Hour, Live Technical Support

Installing LAN ISDN into your existing Local Area Network is usually quite simple. Rather than requiring special hardware for each of your computers, LAN ISDN uses your existing Ethernet network. With an appropriately configured router, any IP capable computer on your network can acquire Internet access.

Most Common Uses:

LAN ISDN service has shown itself to be a cost-effective Internet solution for customers who require constant connectivity across multiple workstations. It is the connection of choice for small-to-medium sized businesses for whom Internet has moved from novelty to necessity. Many of our customers are using LAN ISDN solutions to:

Host their own websites off of their own Windows NT, Macintosh or Unix servers. Provide an Internet mail gateway to their existing mail service (like Microsoft Mail, Lotus or others) Run their own FTP Servers, to allow them to securely exchange files with their customers. And much, much more. (See our Customer Profiles)

Additional Information:

ISDN wiring is physically is no different than a standard copper telephone line. However, unlike plain old telephone service, which transmits analog signals, ISDN can, over these same wires, transmit multiple digital signals simultaneously.

Each ISDN line contains 2 B Channels and one D Channel. Each B, or Bearer Channel can provide a 64 kilobit per second connection*, meaning that by bonding both B Channels, a connection can be established at up to 128Kbps! Contrast that with a standard phone line, which usually has a peak speed of 28.8Kbps and it is easy to see why ISDN has become such a popular means of accessing the Internet.

The D, or Data channel, despite what its name seems to imply, is used to handle signalling. For example, the D channel actually does the dialing when a customer is attempting to connect to the Internet. Whereas a tradition modem often can take up to 30 seconds to successfully negotiate a connection, an ISDN line often can perform this task in 5 seconds or less.

[FOOTNOTE:]It should also be noted that though each B channel is capable of handling independent Voice Calls, most people are selecting ISDN for its Data capabilities.

*-Some telecommunications carriers limit this to 56kbps per channel.

Last revised August 28, 2000