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Dec. 27, 1999

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Illuminati Online - DDNS/Cable Modem Package

Cable modem Package
Setup Fee$25.00
Cable modem Package- Plus
Setup Fee$25.00
Cable modem Package- Premium
Setup Fee$30.00
DDNS for current customers
Setup Fee$25.00

We are pleased to announce a set of services geared towards customers who connect to the internet using another dial-up or cable modem service. Our new Dynamic DNS or 'Cable Modem' packages will allow customers to have the same hostname every time they connect to the internet, no matter who they use to connect to the internet. A permanent address can be used to customize your net presence, allow you access to systems that require a static address, for online gaming, or to have your own email domain.

This service is available to anyone with Internet access, whether you dial up to an ISP in Austin, have cable access in Seattle, or connect from somewhere even further off. As long as your computer is given an Internet IP address when you connect, you can use this service. Firewalls or proxy programs, such as Wingate, may prevent you from using this service. Please note that this is not cable modem access, but rather an enhancement we can provide to you.

The addresses that will be assigned will be in the domain, so your address could be anything from a simple '' to a more conspiratorial ''. If you choose to add email routing to your account, you can even have email delivered to your address, for example: ''.

Those with this service will obtain their addresses by logging into a special web page whenever they get online. This makes it as simple to use as just clicking on a bookmark in your browser!

The basic cable modem package (not just for cable modems), gives you '' for a $25 setup fee and $9.95/month or $99.50/year.

The cable plus package gives you the basic package as well as a UNIX shell account with 10MB of web space, news server access, and an email address for a $25 setup fee and $14.95/month or $149.50/year.

The premium cable modem package gives you everything included in the other two accounts, a total of 30MB of space, plus virtual email routing for your hostname for a $30 setup fee and $24.95/month of $249.50/year.

Those who are already IO customers can add the basic package on to their current account for a $25 setup fee and $5.00/month or $50.00/year.

For more information, send mail to

Last revised November 9, 1999