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Dec. 27, 1999

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Illuminati Online - Server Collocation

Monthly - 10Mb Ethernet$350
Monthly - 100Mb Ethernet$400
Setup fee$250

While IO's virtual domain websites are adequate for most businesses' needs, if you're planning a high-traffic web presence to handle mission-critical information, collocating your own dedicated web server here at Illuminati Online is the perfect solution to your needs.

With collocation, you get your own web-service computer installed in IO's carefully climate-controlled and power-conditioned equipment room, connected separately to our Cisco router, and monitored by our on-site personnel, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The direct network access gives you a lightning-quick, high-bandwidth connection to the 'Net through our 45Mb T-3, which peers with every major backbone provider for superior connectivity. And you get this high-performance Internet presence for a fraction of the cost of bringing a costly T-1 line to your own place of business.

Initial installation of your server computer to our network is $250.00, and the base charge for ongoing collocation service is $350 monthly. Our engineers will perform scheduled maintenance - such as regularly backing up your system to tape - for a monthly fee of $250, and unscheduled maintenance tasks are billed at the rate of $75 per hour. In addition to being able to remotely administer your server, you also have full physical access to the machine during normal business hours.

Collocating with IO isn't just for experienced Internet veterans who know how to configure and administer their own web server. If you're relatively new to the 'Net, but anticipate your business' website will be taking thousands of hits per day, with many file transfers and lots of user interaction, Illuminati Online can sell or lease you a custom-designed, fully-configured web server computer that's just right for your needs. Call us at 512-462-0999 or send e-mail to the sales department for prices and additional details.

Collocating your own web server here at Illuminati Online is the affordable, reliable answer for even the most demanding commercial website applications.

Last revised November 9, 1999