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Dec. 27, 1999

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Illuminati Online - Bandwidth Usage

Web ServiceBandwidth AllottedAdditional
Collocated Server5 Gigabytes/Month$.02/Meg
Professional Web3 Gigabytes/Month$.03/Meg
Prime Web2 Gigabytes/Month$.04/Meg
Fundamental Web1 Gigabyte/Month$.05/Meg
User Accounts500 Megabytes/Month$.05/Meg
Prepaid Bandwidth Cost
Per Megabyte $.02/Meg
Per Gigabyte $20.00/Gig

Automatic additional charges

If your account exceeds the amount of bandwidth it is allotted, charges will be calculated for the extra bandwidth and automatically added to your invoice.

Illuminati Online reserves the right to disable web pages, accounts, and servers that are in violation of our policies, and specifically, to disable any account whose traffic overloads our servers and prevents us from supporting our other customers. Some high traffic sites may be required to post advance payment for bandwidth charges.

Our website log files are available for individual use at where YYYY is the four digit year, MM is the two digit month, and DD is the two digit date. Each day's log file has an associated report in the same directory with user directories sorted by amount of bandwidth.

Virtual Domain accounts have separate logfile directories and both daily and monthly reports are generated in the "io-reports" directory of each specific domain.

You may also purchase pre-paid bandwidth at a rate of $0.02/megabyte. This will raise your allotted bandwidth to whatever you have pre-paid for and can significantly decrease your charges. Please contact to add blocks of pre-paid bandiwth to your account.

Bandwidth charges are calculated as follows:
( (bytes / 1048576) - (allottment) ) * rate = charge

There are 1024 bytes per kilobyte.
There are 1024 kilobytes per Megabyte.
This makes 1048576 bytes per Megabyte.

Example of a user account:

Total bandwidth in a month = 1552574073 bytes.

/ 1552574073 bytes \
| ---------------------- - 100 Megabytes | * $0.05/Megabyte =
\ 1048576 bytes/Megabyte /

( 1480.65 Megabytes - 500 Megabytes ) * $0.05/Megabyte =

980.65 Megabytes * $0.05/Megabyte =


Last revised January 2, 2000