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Dec. 27, 1999

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Illuminati Online - Products and Services

Whether your Internet needs are simple or sophisticated, Illuminati Online can be your single source for high-performance network solutions that are as reliable as they are affordable. Since 1993, IO has been one of Texas' foremost Internet service providers, with individual and business accounts from all over the world.

We currently offer dial-up or dedicated Internet access to those in the Austin and Houston metropolitan areas, with a choice of V.90 modem, 64K or 128K ISDN, T-1 or T-3 connections. IO also has some 1,000 Telnet subscribers from all around our globe and on all seven continents. Telnet customers enjoy UNIX shell access on Linux userhost computers.

Illuminati Online offers full-service web hosting, and can assist your business or organization with turnkey website design and maintenance. Our secure web servers insure privacy for vital electronic commerce transactions. Access times are snappy for both incoming and outgoing 'net traffic. We maintain a fast, high-bandwidth connection to the Internet, with one 45Mb DS3 connection to Exodus' facilities in Austin, where we peer with the rest of Austin and access the 'net through many DS3 connections. Plus, we also have a separate DS3 to AMAP for direct peering with other ISPs and a backup connection to the rest of the 'net.

Our equipment is first-rate, from manufacturers like Cisco, Ascend, and Network Appliance, and is monitored on-site, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We also offer free, around-the-clock telephone technical assistance and customer support from a knowledgeable and courteous staff of professionals.

From beginning users to savvy 'net veterans, for personal use or for critical business applications, you can't go wrong choosing Illuminati Online. Click on the links to the left for more details about how to subscribe to our full range of premium Internet services.

Last revised September 13, 2000