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Illuminati Online Staff

This is the official Illuminati Online team. If you don't know or can't figure out which one of us you want to talk to, send email to, and someone will respond quickly.

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Ken Jackson <>
Chief Operations Officer

Responsible for all day-to-day management and operations as well as long-range planning. The senior systems engineer, director of sales, and AA report directly to him. In other words, "The buck stops here."

Steve Jackson <>
VP, Sales and Marketing

Steve is not a full-time staffer, but if you write him, he'll answer. He spends most of his time running the game publisher that originally spawned IO. At IO, his jobs include keeping IO Revealed up to date, and being the "chief clueless user" and customer advocate.

Bentley Corbett <>
Manager of Customer Support

Office / Sales / Billing

Kathleen Daniels <>

Kathleen is normally the first person you'll hear on the phone during "business hours". She always keeps tabs on our whereabouts and can figure out exactly who you need to speak with.
Sarah Cremeans <>
Sales and Marketing Associate

Sarah was our new Receptionist less than a year ago, but aquired all Sales and Marketing duties after Sandra King, Cindy Kress and two interns (the whole department!) quit. Sarah handles Virtual Domain, ISDN, T-1 and Server Collocation sales (and just about any other type of sales question you might have).

Beverly A. Williams <>
Supervisor of Accounting
Administrative Assistant

Beverly oversees the invoicing program and does accounts payable and payroll.

Trisha Higginbotham <>
Accounting Assistant

Trisha answers e-mail for (when you have problems or questions about your invoice) as well as assisting Beverly in helping keep track of all of our customers in the accounting database.

Engineering (Level II)

Brent A. Oswald <>
Webmaster - Senior Network / Systems Administrator

Brent answers webmaster e-mail and supports the "" newsgroup. He is responsible for developing and maintaining IO's web pages and offers consulting and technical support for IO customers. He reports to the C.O.O., manages the engineering staff, and works closely with just about everyone involved with Illuminati Online.
Jake Bowlin <>
Network / System Administrator
Gary Desporte <>
Network / Systems Administrator

Gary joined the engineering staff in Feb 2000. His job is to work with the sales department to setup virtual domain services as well as assisting with the many other duties assigned to the engineering department. He recently stopped coming in to work and won't answer his phone. Has anyone seen him?

Joel Rennie <>
Special Projects

Joel works out of Houston in our Marathon Towers POP, and is our on-site robot repair and maintenance "drone." Actually, he's much better than that, because he's largely autonomous, :) and also knows a little Linux. If you have collocation or special access needs in Houston, Joel is available for technical support.

Technicians (Level I CST)
(in alphabetical order)

Chad Vanderlin <>
Customer Support Technician

Elizabeth Crouchet <>
Customer Support Technician
Jay Allen <>
Customer Support Technician
Joe Marrero <>
Customer Support Technician
John Buttery <>
Customer Support Technician
Lori Fife <>
Customer Support Technician
My Proffessional InfoProffessional Info My Personal PagePersonal Page
Robert Lloyd <>
Customer Support Technician
Sarah Hodges <>
Customer Support Technician
Not a photograph, but frankly, more recognizable...
Stuart Schmaling <>
Customer Support Technician
Thomas Mills <>
Customer Support Technician

Last revised September 19, 2000