Lori Fife
Manager of Customer Support

Hi folks! My name's Lori (but you probably figured that out already) and I'm the Manager of Customer Support at Illuminati Online. Prior to obtaining this position, I spent over two years at IO working as a Customer Support Technician and even worked the late night shift here for quite some time. If you've called up here between 12am and 8am in the last year or so and all you remember is that you talked to 'some bitch' the chances are pretty good that we've spoken.

Update Feb 2001:

Well folks, that was a fun 6 months as Manager! All I had to do was sit at my computer giggling as I flirted with my M.U.D. friends, occasionally issuing a command to my subjugates to take a phone call. I am such a Queen Bee! Tee-hee! My final act before quitting to work for Apple, was to have Chad fired last week! I've been telling the Owner, Ken Jackson, that he has many customer complaints which I've spoken to him about many times. Actually, I've avoided Chad for 8 months, and never spoke to him unless forced to. Hell, I ignored him when he was standing right next to me asking questions. I cancelled his quarterly review and ignored his emails to reschedule, too. I actually only had one trivial complaint email about him, but we all get those, and who's Ken going to believe? LOL! So Ken paid for me to take business classes, and now I'm catching the train to Disneyland! Toodles!


Web Comics

I read quite a few web comics, most of which are (for the most part) daily. I don't always read them daily, but catching up is almost as much fun. If you have some spare time and could use a good laugh, check them out.