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Basic user setups
Windows 95
Windows 3.x
Windows NT
User Accounts
Relay Access
News Reading
Mail Notification Script
Setting up DDNS
Setup a Preferred URL
Change Passwd/Shell
Disk Quotas
Mail Aliases - IO
Mail Aliases - Virtual
Public FTP Site
Mailing Lists
Recovering Files from Snapshot
Snapshots Explained

Leave Request Form
Modem Init Strings
Location of Files
Common Unix Commands
CST FAQ and Tricks
QMH Commands
Using PLOD
Searching PLOD
New Mail Notification
Revision Control System
Simple RCS Commands
Procedures Template
sendmail -bv
System Administration
Trolling for Eggdrops
IRC Bots
--> When a Userhost is DownNEEDS UPDATE
---> Checking the DNS Servers
UPS Information
Updating the NOC Page
Restarting the Chat Bot
System Upkeep
Revealed, MOTD, and News
Location of FilesNEEDS UPDATE

ISDN and Radius
---> Finding a User's IP AddressNEEDS UPDATE
--> Backup Schedule
Checking a User's Login
Checking Radius Passwords

Shell Explanations
Credit Card Changes
Processing New Accounts
Deacting Accounts
Accounts with Popboxes
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