Duty Officer EOS Form

This form should be completed at the end of each shift.Use the outages section if a reboot occured! Make sure to note what rebooted, when, why, and for how long the service was down!

Reporting Username: Shift: Overnight Day Night Other I forgot to choose
Usernames of other admins this shift:

Number of IO calls taken this shift?
DSL/Cable Inquiries?
Front Page Extensions Inquiries?
News Complaints/Inquiries/Problem Reports?
Mail Relaying Inquiries/Problems?
Mail Delay Reports/Complaints?
Number of Internet Gateway calls taken this shift?
Number of admin e-mails answered this shift?
Number of admin e-mails arrived this shift: 18 .
Number of admin e-mails that are pending further responses in the queue:
Number of io.admin newsgroup posts that are pending further responses:
Explanation: ALL posts in io.admin must have some sort of reply. All admin e-mail messages must have some sort of reply. That response may be "I don't know", but it must also include WHAT DEPARTMENT is going to find out. Then forward that message to the responsible department.

Were daily tasks completed?

If these tasks were not performed, give details in the notes box below.

Yes No

Were newbies processed?

Yes No

Was an engineer called this shift?

Yes No

If "yes", give details in the notes box.

Network Outages that occured:

Network Outage(routers, switches, hubs)File System Outage(bavaria, news array, mail array)
Mail Outage(sendmail died, mail machine rebooted, partition filled up, etc)WWW Outage(www.io.com not responding, www reboot)
Dial-Up Outage(access servers reboot, PRI not answering, etc)Virtual Domain Outage(Virtual Domain machine died)
Userhost Outage(one of the userhosts died)News Outage(news died)
Caffeine Outage(ran out of soda, someone forgot to stock the Dew, etc)Other Outage

Explain in detail any of the outages in the notes box.

Was there a security incident this shift?

Yes No

If "yes", give details in the notes box.

Backups performed:

Zurich (daily-O)
Merle (daily-D)
Lanw (alternate Fridays-D)
Supernova (daily-N)
Insureweb (daily-N)
Other (specify in notes)

Spot cooler:

Was the spot cooler checked? Yes No
Was the spot cooler full? Yes No


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