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This table contains links to some of the most popular shareware and freeware available. If you have a favorite software package that isn't found here, let us know!
Web BrowsersWindows 95Windows 3.xMacintosh
Microsoft Internet ExplorerGo get it!Go get it! Go get it!
Mail ClientsWindows 95Windows 3.xMacintosh
Eudora Lite Go get it! Go get it! Go get it!
FTP ClientsWindows 95Windows 3.xMacintosh
WSFTP Go get it! Go get it!
FetchGo get it!
Telnet ClientsWindows 95Windows 3.xMacintosh
NCSA TelnetGo get it!
CRTGo get it!Go get it!
NewsreadersWindows 95Windows 3.xMacintosh
Newswatcher Go get it!
Free AgentGo get it!Go get it!
Compress and Translate Windows 95Windows 3.xMacintosh
Stuffit Expander Go get it!
Winzip Go get it! Go get it!

Last revised August 3, 2000