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Posting Articles to Newsgroups
Eventually, you're going to want to add your own two cents worth. You can. If you can read a newsgroup, you can post to it. (The exceptions are "moderated" newsgroups - where a moderator intercepts all attempted posts and decides which ones will appear. These newsgroups tend to be shorter and to carry a lot less junk.)

Any newsreader will have a "reply" command, which lets you reply to a previous post, quoting some of it.

What if you want to make a brand-new posting, rather than a follow-up? Some of the newsreaders have a 'post' command, but one way anyone can post news is with the command Pnews, like this:

pyramid:/usr/u/f/foo> Pnews io.questions

Note: Unix is case-sensitive; you have to make the "P" in "Pnews" capital. Many users have gone quite mad trying to get the command "pnews" to work. Maybe we'll get in and set an alias.

Last revised August 29, 2000