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Remote News Authentication

Netscape News
Outlook Express


To set up Newswatcher to authenticate, open Newswatcher and click on the Edit menu, then choose Preferences. For Topic, choose Authentication. Enter your e-mail address in the Username field and your regular IO password in the Password field. Click on OK when finished.

Newswatcher authentication window.

Netscape News

To set up Netscape News to authenticate, open Netscape and click on the Edit men, then choose Preferences. Select Mail and Newsgroups, then Newsgroups Servers. Select and click Edit. Choose "Always ask me for my username and password.", then click OK when finished. Netscape will automatically ask for your username and password the next time you read news.

Netscape news server preferences window.

Outlook Express

To set up Outlook Express to authenticate, open Outlook Express and click on the Tools menu, then choose Accounts. Click on the News tab, then select the news server from the list and click on Properties. Once the news server properties window comes up, click on Server. Make sure that "This server requires me to log on." is checked, Account Name is set to your email address and the password is entered. Click OK when finished.

Outlook Express News Server Properties window

These screenshots are from current versions of each program. Some older versions may not have the same tab names, or even screens. If you have difficulties, please call our technical support line at 512-462-0999 or, from Houston, 1-800-294-2966.

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