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Majordomo Mailing list
At you are allowed to purchase unsupported mailing lists. For futher information on the costs, please look at

To have a majordomo list set up at, just send an email to:

In this email, from your account, make your request and include the following:

  • listname (this is all lowercase with _ or - in the address. IE: bob-l)
    *note: You'll want to select a list name with a -l to prevent getting it confused with possible usernames on our system
  • list owner's address (in case you want to run the list from an address other than your address)
  • list password (you can set one up after the list is created as well if you'd like to wait)
  • digested/archived (we can have the list messages saved and digested for you)
From that point we will set your list up and make sure it is running properly for you. From there you setup the configuration and information files yourself. If you need a hand on configuring your majordomo list you can check the web page for the documentation:

or please review our FAQ for the most frequently asked questions:

Have fun with your list!

Last revised August 29, 2000