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Electronic Mail
As a user on IO, you automatically have e-mail privileges. Your e-mail address is In other words, if your user name is fred, your e-mail address is Anyone on the Internet can send mail to, and you'll get it here.

  • If you have a PPP account, you can use Netscape to read mail and send e-mail.
  • To read your mail, or to send mail to others, you need to use a ``mailer'' program -- known as a mail user agent (MUA) on the 'net.
  • To forward your mail to another address, you need a .forward file.
  • Most mail and news agents will automatically append a .signature file to your outgoing mail and news postings.
  • If you will be unable to read mail for a while, you may want to create a vacation message file for your account.

Using NoSpam

We have installed an automated spam killer on the system here at IO. Visit our NoSpam page for setup instructions and a list of all blocked domains.

Setting up .procmailrc

First, download .procmailrc to your home directory on IO.

Second, create a file called .killfile in your home directory. Add the domain name of any known spam house to this .killfile and you'll never have to read those spams again! Please note that you will NOT receive a mail message if it contains a line in this file, so be careful what you put in your .killfile! We are not responsible for mail you lose yourself. :-)

Finally, you'll need to regularly trim the logfile (called 'proclog' or 'killfile.log') or it will take up disk space. Simply removing the file is sufficient.

A word of Warning!

With a line in your .procmailrc file such as:

* ? /usr/bin/fgrep -i -f ~/.killfile

AND a blank line in your .killfile

EVERYTHING (all e-mail recieved) will produce a valid condition.

Meaning if the procmail rule sent matching conditions to /dev/null then all e-mail was sent to /dev/null.

Error Message: "Kernel-lock failed"

the procmail man page:

Kernel-lock failed While trying to use the kernel-sup-
ported locking calls, one of them
failed (usually indicates an OS er-
ror), procmail ignores this error
and proceeds.

Kernel-unlock failed See above.
These errors are caused by a problem with the current version of the kernel on our mail server. Hopefully, this will be fixed in a future update. For now, they're harmless and do not indicate impending doom or inflated petroleum prices.

Last revised August 6, 2000
Created and maintained by Illuminati Admin-