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Welcome to Illuminati Online's ISDN Help Section . Here you will find Information on setting up your ISDN connection. We will be adding new ISDN modems and adapters shortly. If your modem is not on the list, please call tech support or email for information.

ISDN Modem Setup Instructions

Motorola Bitsurfr and Bitsurfr Pro - Windows 95
Motorola Bitsurfr and Bitsurfr Pro - Windows 3.x
3Com Impact - Windows95
3Com Impact - Windows 3.x
USR Courier I-Modem - Windows95
Adtran XR and XRT Express - Windows95

ISDN Router Setup Instructions

Ascend Pipeline 25
Ascend Pipeline 50 and Pipeline 75
Farallon Netopia PN640

ISDN Info Links

Illuminati Online ISDN Account Information
Microsoft's ISDN Accelerator Pack
The ISDN User's Guide from Southwestern Bell
Dan Kegal's ISDN Page

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