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Introduction to the IO community

New users, please read this file all the way through! We suggest that you open a buffer and copy the whole file into it, to re-read at your leisure.

Illuminati Online was founded in 1986 as the Illuminati BBS. Originally, it was a discussion area for game and science fiction fans, sponsored by SJ Games. Over the years it has developed into a separate corporation and a large regional Internet Service Provider, offering many different services.

At the moment, the system is still growing into its new Internet role. Some of the services are very much "under construction." And we welcome feedback about anything we are doing; send it to

Welcome, New Users!

Write down your password. If you lose it, you'll lose access to your account, including any e-mail waiting for you. For security reasons, we are very slow and careful when helping someone who has "lost" his password.

Change your password often. The password-changing routine will offer suggestions to help you choose a password that will be easy for you to remember, and hard for a snooper to guess! You can change your password right now if you wish.

Learning Your Way Around

The hypertext shell is intended to be self-documenting. Feel free to explore. You can't break anything. No matter where you are, hitting the left arrow enough times will get you back to the "main menu" -- the Illuminati Online home page.

There's also a home page for the online help, with lots of different help pages linked there.

Want to talk to a real person?

In general, questions can go to members of the IO staff. If you have a question relating to Conferences or file areas, please start with the appropriate host.

What's It Cost?

Look at our Products and Services pages for account pricing and descriptions.

Free Trial Period

No matter what level of access you choose, your first two weeks are free. If you cancel during that period, you owe us nothing. We require a check or credit card number to set up your account, but we won't put it through until two weeks pass. And if you decide to stay with us, you still don't pay for the first two weeks -- it's on us.

Where To Send The Money

Ahh, yes -- mustn't forget that detail! Our mailing address is Illuminati Online, 2800 S. IH-35, Suite 220, Austin TX 78704-5700. Thanks!


You agreed to follow our system rules when you registered for your account. These rules have been set to maximize the operators' convenience and the enjoyment of the users in general. You may see a copy of the contract at any time. We will repeat some of the most important things here....


The software is designed for private E-mail - nobody can read it but the user(s) to whom it is addressed. We understand that you expect your E-mail to be private. We will make every effort to protect your privacy, including going to court if it comes to that - we've done it before, against the government, and we won. But Illuminati Online cannot be responsible if a computer glitch, act of God, unauthorized access to a backup, or raid by the Secret Service exposes mail to other than the intended recipient. Likewise, if you reveal your password to others, they will be able to read your mail. Yes, this is intended as a legal warning and disclaimer.


You retain all rights to all original messages you post and all original files you upload, unless you place an explicit notice on each file or message that you are dedicating it to the public domain. If you want to make your rights explicit to others, you add the notice "Copyright (year) by (Your Name)" to any item you post or upload. This notice does not give you any extra rights, but it is useful as a warning to others. IO will recognize (c) as an intended copyright symbol on this system, without quibbling. Note that courts may disagree. Here and anywhere, spell out "Copyright" to ensure your rights.

Certain conference areas, including those operated by SJ Games, include notices similar to the following: "Anything posted in this area is assumed to be a contribution to (company) for use with (their products), unless accompanied by an explicit copyright notice." This means that the operator and users of that conference area consider the area to be a public discussion, and if you make a suggestion there, you may not later deny anyone else the right to use that suggestion!

Some documents on this system, such as game errata material, carry their own limited permission for copying and reproduction.

No other material posted on this board, specifically including playtest material, may be mass-copied or posted to another system without the explicit approval of Illuminati Online or, if posted with a copyright notice, the listed copyright hnewer.

Unacceptable Material

There are munchkin boards for wanna-be crackers, phone phreaks, and other small-time technocrooks. This isn't one of them. The Secret Service thought it was, without a shred of evidence, and raided us thanks to "guilt by remote association." We weren't amused.

This system does not tolerate piracy, posting of stolen material, or other illegal acts. Anyone posting stolen data, phone codes, etc., will lose their account immediately, with no second chance offered. As far as we know, no such stuff has ever been posted here. If it happens, we'll come down hard.

The sysops are not impressed by vulgarity, and reserve the right to delete public messages - or users - which, in their judgment, are offensive or moronic. Users who post such material may or may not be given one warning before they lose access. This will depend largely on whether we think they are aggressively malicious, or just not housebroken.

Within these very wide bounds, we shall guard our rights to freedom of speech and the press to the fullest, and we encourage our users to do the same.

Downloaded Material

Illuminati Online can make no representation of any kind about the safety, fitness for use, et cetera, of any program or other data downloaded from this system. We recommend that you check everything carefully before using it.

A test program for MS-DOS, CHK4BOMB.EXE, can be downloaded from the MS-DOS Utilities file area. We use it ourselves, but we can't guarantee that it will catch every possible evil program. It's getting new.

Rules and Procedures

User Deletion

Users may be deleted for nonpayment, for breaking system rules, for being rude and annoying or (for free accounts only) for inactivity. A free account which has not been used for three months may be terminated.


... OK. However, the system will not permit you to post under your handle only ... it uses real names on messages posted on the conferences.

Your user name is a "handle" of sorts. Note that when you send mail to someone on this system, you need not specify the system. Example: While you are logged in here, just sending mail to kenjac will get it to Ken Jackson. From any other system, you will have to send mail to

We may eventually set some conferences to allow anonymous messages, to allow discussion of highly personal issues. Not yet, though.


If you want to uplad something to the board, you can copy it or 'put' it via FTP into /usr/files/incoming, and send mail to the appropriate system administrator. If they agree that it is appriate and worthwhile, they'll add it to the system. It is also possible (but less desirable) to e-mail the file in question to the appropriate person.

Note that anyone can include a text upload into the body of a post or an e-mail letter. Just use the "ASCII upload" feature of your own terminal program.

Working with SJ Games via Illuminati Online

If you are a writer, distributor or customer, you will already have thought "Ha! SJ Games founded this system! This is the best way to talk to them!" Sometimes that's true, and sometimes it's not.

You can call us at (512) 462-0999. Our fax number is (512) 462-0356.

Our mailing address (for US snailmail only) is 2800 S. IH-35, Austin, TX 78704-5700. This is the place to send checks, letters, and so on.

Last revised August 29, 2000