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IO Web Helpdesk - Secure Server Information

Most of the basic functions to our secure server are exactly the same as our regular webservers. This page is desinged to list the differences and specific peculiarities about our secure server.

So what's the big difference? First, our secure server uses SSL, or Secure Sockets Layer, to encrypt data being transfered back and forth between the webserver and a web browser. This prevents sensitive data from being snooped or sniffed from somewhere else on the Internet. If someone were able to actually capture the data being sent to or from our secure server, they'd just be getting encrypted data...and they wouldn't have the decryption codes to make anything out of it.

Use of our secure server is available to those who purchase the service. More information about purchasing this service can be found in our Products and Services directory at

Our secure server software is the Apache basedRedHat Secure Server. The Certificate Authority we use is Thawte.

The combination of the Apache-based RedHat Secure Server and Thawte Certificate on our server may have incompatibilites with old or uncommon web browsers. Thawte provides a list of some brwoser-certificate incompatibilites at Apache maintains a list of browser-server incompatibilities at

Last revised November 19, 1999