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IO Web Helpdesk - RealAudio/Video

This page assumes that you have a basic understanding of the web and HTML. In order for you to be able to stream RealAudio from your pages, you must first contact the webmaster so that we can set the server up on our end and adjust your billing accordingly. Currently the rates for RealAudio service are:

Initial Setup Fee: $50.00
Usage Fees: 50 cents per meg streamed

Creating RealAudio files

You will need to obtain the RealAudio Encoder from Progressive Networks. Consult the Encoder documentation for information about what types of files it can convert. Generally, you can't go wrong with .wav or .aiff files and most sound recording programs can output these types of files.

After you are setup, you will have a realaudio directory in your public-web directory. Place all of your .ra files in this directory.

Streaming RealAudio involves using metafiles. A metafile is nothing more than a file that points to another file. Using a text editor, create a file that points to your .ra file, simply type one line like this:


and then save the file, giving it a name that ends in .ram. Put this file in your public-web directory, uploading it just as you would any other HTML file.

Create a link to the metafile one your web page just as you would any other link:

If you are still having trouble, consult the RealAudio Tech Support Library.

RealAudio Encoding Options

You have several file compression options when using the RealAudio Encoder 3.0. For the purposes of illustrating how these different encoding options sound, you can listen to the selections below. This demo is of the WIlliam Tell Overture. It was encoded using RealAudio Encoder 3.0. The process started by making a .wav file of the original audio track from CD. The .wav file was 30.6 megs in size. Encoding in different formats gives different size files and sound quality. The song is 3 minutes, 2 seconds in length.

RealAudio 2.0 RealAudio 3.0

RealAudio Content Creation Tools

Last revised November 19, 1999