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IO Web Helpdesk - PHP

What is PHP?

PHP is a very durable scripting language used to create dynamic web content. It is most commonly used in place of Perl CGI scripts and is written to efficiently communicate with databases such as MySQL.

Note that PHP3 is only available on our regular customer webserver. The secure server and virtual domain servers do not yet have support for PHP3.

What version of PHP is available?

PHP version 3.0.12

Full information about the installed PHP can be found at

So how is PHP useful to me?

There are many advantages to using PHP. First, it is installed as an essential part of our Apache webserver. This means that you can make use of PHP without much effort or overhead on the part of the webserver.

Some of the more common uses of PHP generated websites include:

  • Storing and retrieving information in databases.
  • Replacement of CGI programs and Perl scripts.
  • Reading and manipulation of HTTP header information that is used in a variety of ways (eg: cookies, browser envirnments, server environments).

How should I use PHP?

If you create a web page with PHP code, the suggested extension for your page is 'php3' (since we are running version 3 of PHP). You may also use the extensions 'php', and 'phtml'. For PHP source pages, use the extension 'phps'. An example filename for a PHP3 web page would be 'index.php3'.

Where can I learn more about PHP?

Last revised June 12, 2000