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IO Web Helpdesk - Feedback Forms

Creating a feedback form

To use the general formmail script here at IO, you will need to add the following lines to your HTML document:

Be sure to replace [your email address] with your real e-mail address (no brackets....just your e-mail address between the quotation marks).

Whenever a user fills out your form, the results are parsed and sent to the email box specified in the second INPUT tag. The user will then see a generic results page that thanks them, shows what data was input and displays the email address of the intended recipient.

If you want something a bit more elaborate to be displayed on the results page, you will need to run the cgi script that parses the form from your own home directory. To do this, create a cgi-bin directory under your public-web directory. Copy the formmail script to your cgi bin directory (the path is ~www/cgi-bin/formmail.cgi) and make whatever hacks or modifications you wish. You will need to change the FORM tag in your HTML document so that it points to your cgi-bin directory instead of IO's cgi-bin directory. For instance, if your username was foo, you would use this path:

Last revised November 19, 1999