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Illuminati Online wants your feedback!
Our goal here is to set up a truly user-friendly system.

Therefore, we have to listen to you.

Therefore, you have to know how to talk to us ...

Some specific e-mail addresses that you may find useful:

  • for any general questions or problems.
  • for anything having to do with the operation of the hypertext system itself.
  • for any legal problem, question, or comment, including anything having to do with our user agreement.

Finding Help in the Conference Areas

You can use your newsreader to access several different ``conference areas'' specifically for help and questions about IO. These are like normal Usenet conferences, but they're just for our users.

Each of these areas is checked every working day, and sometimes more often, by at least one assigned IO staff member. But the real value of these areas is that they're open for discussion. You may get an instant answer from another user. Or your question may set off a whole string of comments, leading you to answers that you didn't even have the questions for....

Of course, it can also happen that the helpful user who answers your question is totally clueless. But the average is good.

  • is the basic help area. If you have a question, and don't know where to take it, post there.
  • io.admin is the area for discussion of IO's company policies. If you want to know why we do thus-and-so, ask here.
  • is for questions and discussions about the World Wide Web. If you are having web problems, or need help with your home page, this is the place to check; our Webmaster monitors this group.
  • is for users who maintain their own mailing lists on IO.
Here are a couple of conferences where you should not post questions!

  • -- This is not a help area, but a venue for general talk and babble that doesn't belong anywhere else. If you post a question here, somebody will eventually spot it and answer it, but please don't.
  • io.admin.announce -- This is a moderated area for staff announcements. You should read it, but if you want to comment on the announcements, please use io.admin.
You can point your browser to> to see all of our local groups and their one-line descriptions. Leave off the ?io at the end of that URL to see all the newsgroups we currently carry.

If you post questions to the help conferences, and they are not answered promptly, let us know!

The Phone Works, Too

You can always get a personal response from a live human being by phone, 24 hours a day -- call us any time at +1 512 462-0999 or 1 (800) 294-6266 in Houston.

Last revised August 29, 2000