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IO Connection Hints and Tricks
Here's a collection of hints and useful information that we've seen work very well. Questions or comments about this page (and additional info!) can be emailed to

Are you dialing the correct number?

Does the line you are using have call-waiting?

How many extensions are connected to this line?

What kind of line quality do you receive from the phone company?

What kind of modem do you have?

Do you know your modem's init string?

What port speed settings do you have?

Yes, what's all this about UART chips and cable types?

Is your connection 'idle' or have you rebooted the computer/reset your modem?

Are you having connection problems with an E*Machine? The following link, will take you straight to E*Machine's modem technical support page. Full of tips, and other info on troubleshooting the PC-Tel modems which most E*Machines come with.

  • You can put an extra command string in "Advanced Setting" in Modem Properties to resolove this problem most of the time.
    • ATN0S37=14 for v.90 compatibility
    • ATN0S37=13 for K56Flex compatibility
    • ATN0S37=12 for basic V.34 compatibility.

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Last revised August 29, 2000