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Choosing Newsgroups
How do I subscribe/unsubscribe to Usenet newsgroups?

The various newsreaders contain commands for this; they are summarized below.
With rn and trn, you have several options to list newsgroup names:

l pat
List unsubscribed newsgroups containing the pattern 'pat'.
o pat
Only display newsgroups matching the pattern 'pat'. Typing 'o' alone takes off all restrictions.
O pat
Works like o, but skip empty groups.
a pat
Works like o, but also scans for unsubscribed newsgroups matching pattern.
List current .newsrc.
To actually subscribe to a newsgroup, you type g name, where name is the name of the newsgroup you want to enter/subscribe to.


To see all the newsgroups in your .newsrc, type y. The newsgroups with a u to the left are unsubscribed. To subscribe to them, type an s. To go back to the list of groups you're already subscribed to, type Y. To unsubscribe to a newsgroup, type u while it's name is highlighted.
Note:You can also use S and U to subscribe and unsubscribe patterns of newsgroup names. nn
To get an overview of newsgroups, type Y. To subscribe to a newsgroup you're not currently subscribed to, type g and type the newsgroup name you want to go to. Then type U. If you're subscribed to a newsgroup, but don't want to be, type g to go to it, and then type U -- it's a toggle -- and that'll unsubscribe you from that newsgroup.
Another way to do this, but highly discouraged, is to edit the file called .newsrc in your home directory. We don't recommend doing this, because if you make a mistake, it can really screw up your newreader, and possibly cause it to crash. You won't lose anything, really, but one of our admins will have to hand-edit your .newsrc to make it palatable to your newsreader.
DON'T just delete the newsgroups you don't want. The groups are listed in a format like this:
io.meeble: 1-10
io.barney: 1-5,7

Last revised August 29, 2000