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Internet Connection Status and Background

DS-3 connection to IXCIS

Our biggest 'pipe' to the Internet is a 45 megabit connection to IXC Internet Services which has full DS-3 connections to AT& Sprint, MCI, and UUNET.

T1 connection to UUNET

The connection we have with UUNET is actually in Houston, Texas. We backhaul this data to Austin over our own T1 backbone.

T1 conneciton to Sprint

The other end of our backbone to Sprint terminates in Fort Worth, Texas. That hub, along with MCI's, constitute two of the most active Internet hubs in the southern United States. This connection is now primarily a backup connection, should there ever be problems with our primary connection to IXCIS, since both have routes to Sprint.

These graphs show the amount of incomingand outgoingtraffic through high speed data connections. Each graph is a link to a more detailed history.

Total Traffic for IO.COM

DS-3 connection to IXCIS

T1 connection to UUNET

T1 connection to Sprint

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